About Us

My name is Fos, I own and run Heroin Skateboards.
I grew up going to skate shops. When I was 14, I first went to Split in Manchester, it was the holy grail of shops in Northern England, they had every colour stain of every board you could imagine. They had over 500 boards in stock according to old adverts, and I believe it.  Me and my friends would go there every weekend because someone would need new wheels, a new board or new shoes or something and then we'd go and skate Manchester for the whole day then catch the X43 bus back home to Rawtenstall.  
Eventually after college I even worked in a couple of stores myself, some that have gone now, as well as Slam City that is still around.
What has this to do with anything? Well launching an online store is a major step for Heroin Skateboards. I want you as a potential customer to understand the importance of skate shops and to make good decisions about who your money supports.
When Heroin started I didn't have enough money to screen boards so I would stencil them in my back yard. That was 1998, a lot has changed over the years, albeit organically, we now have worldwide distribution and 6 pro's that we support, we just put out our fifth video. We lasted much longer than anyone (Except me) thought we would. How did we last? From support from the shops and the skaters. That's all you guys out there reading this. Without support from the shops we'd have vanished a long time ago with all those other companies that bit the dust, but people that work in shops backing us, and skateboarders liking the brand and asking shops to carry it have kept us around.
So understand my reasons for opening an online store. If you have a local shop that stocks our brand, then please, please, please continue to support them and buy our stuff from there. I maintain that shops are a vital asset to our skate community and we should encourage to support them.
However, if your local shop are total pussies and don't stock the mighty Heroin Skateboards, or if you live in the ass of nowhere, then I'm happy to provide you with this accessible, easy way to purchase our products and be the envy of your friends. The number of times people hit me up on instagram asking where they can buy one of our boards or shirts is ridiculous, so now finally you can get it right here!
Welcome to the Heroin Skateboards online store.